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Lenz Electric Motor Repair services a large range of equpment.  From small fan motors, to rewinding 100hp motors.  It is often less expensive to re-build a motor that has gone bad than to replace it.  Rebuilding a motor includes replacing the bearings, coils, connections, switches and capacitors.  In fact, a re-built motor is often better than a new one.  We use more winding insulation, better connection wire, and our motors are treated with a baked on varnish to fully insulate the new windings. 


Lenz Electric Motor Repair can fix your power tools.  We repair or replace everything from frayed power cords, to broken gear boxes with the manufacturer's original parts.


Lenz Electric Motor Repair also repairs lift pumps.  From residential septic to manicupal waste water treatment plants.


Lenz Electric Motor Repair can also service generators (the electrical side).


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